Sunday, July 11

A friend told me the other day that I'm crazy, but in the best way one can be crazy. This was after I'd asked, "Why is it that sex with crazy people is always the most fun?" I'm not quite sure what he meant in his particular definition of crazy, but it wasn't a slight. So it got me thinking of occasions I've done crazy things (the original topic of this blog nothwithstanding) and I've come up with a few.

This happened years ago, and I've have to put it pretty high up on the list of spontaneous crazy things. During a hiatus in my relationship with my boyfriend, I once went to Montreal on a blind date. (It's a good 6-7 hours away). I'd met the guy online somewhere and we'd chatted numerous times online over the course of couple of weeks and had graduated to talking on the phone. I believe it was during our first telephone conversation that we both expressed a fondness for road trips. During the second phone call, somehow it was revealed I'd never been to a strip club. Somehow these two separate conversations turned into his idea that we should go on a road trip to Montreal to see strippers for our first date, which incidentally was supposed to be occurring the following evening.

At first I thought, "That's insane! We can't do that!" And then I thought, "Why can't we do that?" So I agreed. He gave me directions to his place and told me to bring along my favorite CD since he wanted to listen to it and hear why I chose it. Something meaningful to you, he said. I liked that.

Everything about the next two days was much less weird than one would expect. We had a fantastic time. Great conversation, good food, pretty strippers, Cuban cigars, lovely hotel, decent sex. It was a blast. On the way back we decided to get some take out Chinese and I'd spend the night at his place. I think we watched a movie. (I remember he had a really nice bed. I've got a weakness for high quality linens and down pillows.)

When you've gone to a foreign country on your first date, it's kind of difficult to top that, so everything after that is kind of anti-climactic. On the second date I made him lasagna and we went to the movies. We saw "Being John Malkovich." I noticed him laughing out loud on numerous occasions during the film. But on the way home he told me he didn't like the film. "Why?" I wanted to know. He didn't know why. And that's when I decided we had no future and that would be our final date.

It was.

I'd love to hear other blind date stories. I can't be the only crazy one.