Saturday, July 10

Last evening my boyfriend and I dropped in to see a friend at his band space on our way to the movies. The rest of the band was there, and they were talking about weekend plans, etc. One of them asked what film we were on our way to see, and I replied, "Before Sunset." This elicited a knowing laugh from all present, besides me and the boyfriend. I'm pretty sure none of the guys had any idea what this film was, and they just assumed from the title that it was a sappy chick flick and my boyfriend must be going along begrudgingly. I didn't really get a chance to explain since the subject moved on.

Good films are a passion of mine and I tend to turn my nose up at anything that smacks of Hollywood Chick Flick. I tend to gravitate towards indie films, the more morbid and wrenching the better, vs. basic mindless entertainment. But every now and then film will actually appeal enough to the hidden romantic inside me to get me to add it to my list of "You Oughta See This" movies. The 1995 release called "Before Sunrise" was one of them. It stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy and is about two strangers who meet on a train and then spend a single evening wandering around the city of Vienna talking and falling in love. Sounds pretty nauseating, doesn't it? But it isn't. If it was my boyfriend would not have cheerfully gone along with me last night to see it's sequel -- Before Sunset.

And I was not disappointed! Thank heavens. I prepared myself to be let down, too. Sequels usually suck, but this one did not. So rent Before Sunrise, and then go to your local arty theatre and see Before Sunset, and tell them Laura sent you.