Saturday, July 17

Man Jailed for Allegedly Sucking Toes

I apparently have nice feet. I only know this because I've known several foot fetishists and they've told me so. When I was in my early 20's, two male friends simultaneously sucked my toes, after a discussion on the qualities of my feet. The experience lasted about a minute before I had to extract myself from the situation or I feared things would have gotten out of control. The girlfriend of one of my friends was there, and while she was watching with a bemused expression on her face, I didn't know how happy she'd have been had I let them continue for much longer than I did. But this weirdly erotic experience did figure in my fantasies for quite some time afterwards.

Many years later, these same two friends used the toe sucking technique to seduce me into having a threesome with them.

While I don't advocate going up to random women and sucking on their toes like the man in the linked article above, I would have to say that it's a more original technique for getting into a woman's pants than the typical, "So, do you want a backrub?"