Friday, July 9

Si asked, in regards to "dungeon experiences:"

Did you ever experiment with that side of it Laura? Would love to hear any funny stories you've got about that!

I certainly did experiment further. I'm trying to discuss this stuff in chronological order, though, so I will get around to expanding on that in due time.

Joe remarked:
I think it interesting, looking back at your posts on this, that he seemed to seduce your mind long before you did anything physical. You describe him as 'smart, funny, sexy' and not 'handsome' or 'hung like a moose' (not to imply that he wasn't either). I think that's an improtant take home lesson for all us guys.

While I found J physically appealing, that was the least important of his qualities. He wasn't particularly handsome by societal standards (or hung like a horse), but he was attractive to me. I'm sure if I didn't know him like I did he would not have turned my head on the street. I've never been particularly superficial when choosing boyfriends (although I was when choosing clients). What's goes on inside an individual's head is far more important a consideration to me than what they look like if I'm going to be sharing emotional and intellectual intimacy with them.

Joe also said:
It seems that, in a way, and tell me if I'm wrong here, that you were looking for that D/s experience with your clients, while you were escorting. Your clients telling you to do naughty things, perhaps pushing limits, is sort of the fantasy. but I guess that really isn't the reality. I doubt you'd really feel safe with a client like that, and so he probably wouldn't make it past the screening. and so the clients you meet are "generally pleasant and sort of sweet", and certainly don't push your limits. As you said, "with a client... I'm always in charge." (O.K., not a real quote, but it's late, and close enough for jazz) And so being a prostitute was a bit more mundane than you had hoped. and you moved on.

No, I was definitely never looking for a D/s experience with my clients. Knowing what I know now, I can't conceive of relinquishing all control to someone I barely know. For one thing, that would not be very smart or very safe. But more importantly, and it's difficult to explain, but just because I have a submissive nature when it comes to sex (and nothing else, actually) does not mean that I feel comfortable submitting to just anyone that labels themselves a Dominant. I have to be inspired by something particular in a man's personality to wish to submit to him, and trust him implicitly on top of that. It's a rare combination of factors and not a combination I ever expected or even hoped to find while escorting. I didn't want my limits pushed at all, and in fact, I got rather irritated with anyone who was even remotely pushy with me even via email and would decline to see them based on that.