Monday, August 9

It's been a while since I've written anything I've actually spent any time thinking about, and I'm starting to miss doing it. I think what's been holding me back is that most of what I've been thinking about lately has something to do with feeling vulnerable and I don't generally feel comfortable discussing the details of that. It makes me feel weak and whiny and clingy and I hate the thought of anyone viewing me like that. Oh, I can't talk about those fears, I think to myself. No, I can't go on about how this particular situation makes me feel, I say in my head. So I get a little paralyzed in front of my keyboard and that stresses me since this is supposed to be an outlet for me, afterall, and I shouldn't worry about stuff like perception.

And now it's very late, and I thought I had more to say on this subject, but I guess I should probably go to bed. Perhaps I'll lie awake for a while thinking about it, and with any luck I'll be able to articulate better in the morning.