Tuesday, August 31

I've never been a huge fan of computer games or even particularly good at them, but I have to say that recently I've found a game so addicting that I'm practically compelled to play it. I have a total burning desire to finally beat the game and it's ridiculous. My boyfriend, who never spends any time sitting in front of a computer, played it for 6 hours last night. It's called Zuma Deluxe. Woe to those who fall into it's time sucking trap.

Jack and Joe say to find a lover all I have to do is whip up a Craiglist's post and problem solved. Ha! It's not that easy. I've used Craigslist before and sure, I'd get hundreds of responses. I've even met some really neat people that way, but wading through all the frogs to find a prince is just so exhausting and time consuming. It's not random casual sex I have a problem finding (that's certainly simple enough when you've got two X chromosomes), it's connecting with someone who wants more than just a no-strings-attached fuck that's tough. I miss having someone in my life that looks forward to seeing me just as much as I look forward to seeing them. A lover, not a lay. I'm definitely not despondent about this, I'm just noting that I feel a little wistful about it, that's all.

On another note, yes, I could do a weekly chat with interested blog reader parties but I wasn't all that pleased with the java chat applet I'd installed originally so I'll investigate other options and let y'all know when I've found something that hopefully works better than what I had.