Friday, September 17

I read a lot, and the other day I found a reference to, which is like Netflix, only instead of borrowing movies for a monthly fee, one borrows books instead. It's kind of like a library for lazy people since you just pop the books in the mail when you're done with them and they send you the next couple selections on your list. So I signed up, and unfortunately I discovered their selection is somewhat lacking. I guess I should have spent more time browsing the selection before I gave them my credit card number. Whoops.

I had an uncomfortable experience yesterday. I met a boy online and agreed to meet him for a cup of coffee and a chat. But when I arrived at the appointed coffee place, I didn't see the boy from the picture anywhere. I thought I was being stood up. After a minute or two a boy came up and introduced himself as being the person I'd been chatting with online and I was very confused since I'd never seen this particular person in my life. He was Indian, and the boy in the picture was most definitely not. I didn't remark on the bait and switch, and I wonder if he noticed my confusion. So I made small talk and drank my coffee rather quickly and said I had lots of work to do and lied and said it was nice to meet him and I left. I was rather annoyed. I don't understand how someone could send a photo of someone else and expect that not to be an issue when you meet. The kid definitely blew it.