Monday, September 6

Since escorting is definitely a thing of the past and I no longer have much to say on that topic, I thought it would be appropriate to rename the blog as well as develop a new look. I haven't tested it in a variety of browsers yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that the new design doesn't break yours.

Brandon wanted to know if I feel sex-deprived now that I'm not living the escort life anymore. When I was seeing clients once or twice a week, as well as hanging out with the evil fuck buddy Mr. X, I was definitely having sexual experiences practically daily. I don't need to have sex every day in order to feel like I'm having enough. Too much of anything winds up being overkill after a while. In an ideal world, I'd be happy with 3 times a week. That's just enough so I'm satisfied, but not so much that it becomes dull. I'm trying to put more effort into my "at home" sex life. When I put in the work to be creative, the sex at home happens with much more frequency than when I just wait for my boyfriend to initiate anything. It's a cyclical thing, really. I know that eventually I'll get tired of trying to make things interesting and I'll stop, and we'll stop having sex again with any regularity. But right now since I don't have very many other distractions and it's good for my relationship, it's what I'm doing.