Friday, September 24

Since my pledge a few weeks ago to write something every day for a week worked so well, I'm going to do that again. Here it is. I promise to update this blog daily for the next 7 days. There. I've done it. (That part was easy.)

Sometimes multi-tasking is a bad, bad thing. I had a meeting with one of my 'real job' clients yesterday, and he said at the end, "Oh, I have to tell you something funny." What followed was a story I did not find the least bit amusing, but rather quite mortifying. Apparently I'd accidentally emailed him a dirty picture of myself. (I was trying to send it to someone else, and because I was doing 14 things at once the wrong address ended up in the TO field and I hadn't noticed.) He realized it was an error since the accompanying short email referenced a conversation I most certainly had not had with him. So he looked at the photo and promptly deleted it and had decided to spare me the embarrassment of mentioning it. However, his wife was snooping around in his computer and found it in his 'deleted files' bin and confronted him about it. I've met this woman and I see her frequently enough since his office is in his home! Now she thought we were having an affair and he had to do quite a bit of convincing to get her to believe him that I hadn't meant to send him that email. I apologized left and right and up and down, but he seemed to think the whole thing was rather chortle-worthy and told me not to worry about it. It was definitely completely embarrasing, though, and I pray he never brings it up again.