Friday, October 1

For you fellow Survivor fans, yes, I was indeed shocked that bitch Mia was sent off the island. I thought for sure that Twila was all done. Apparently Lisa must have come to her senses. Thank goodness, too, for I don't know if I'd have been able to stand listening to Mia's big mouth any longer.

I cheated the other night before the concert. I ate a cannoli. And man oh man, was it good! If any of you ever find yourself in the North End of Boston, do stop in to Mike's Pastries. I'm afraid to step on the scale to see if I gained 5 lbs by being naughty. I don't even care all that much if I did, but I'd rather be blissfully ignorant than know for sure.

I'm going to be spending my Friday evening with my boyfriend and his his best friend and his girlfriend. I get a real kick out of the best friend, but can live without the girlfriend. She's a nanny and we don't have very much in common at all. There are certain people I feel I have to almost sanitize myself when they're around and she is one of them. It's too bad one can't choose the significant others of their favorite people.