Friday, September 3

Sitting around talking to Y last night, I asked him if he's ever had sex in a bed, starting the standard way (with both parties heads in the pillow region) and not had to adjust at least once because someone's head was in danger of being smacked into the headboard. I made the observation that it seems odd to me since this always does actually happen, wouldn't it be smarter to start with one's bodies positioned much lower in the bed in the first place, and how I find it surprising that the thought hadn't occured to me before. Why people don't discuss this, I wanted to know? With a bemused expression, he got up and crossed the room and selected a book from the bookcase. He handed it to me and said he'd just finished it and indeed there was a discussion of just that in the book. Now that's just weird. But in a good way, of course.

Another interesting conversation thread was concerning sex with friends. Have you ever had a sexual relationship with a friend and for whatever reason the sex stopped, and the friendship continued on without any resulting oddness or permanent discomfort? I maintain that if the sexual stuff occurs after you've been friends for a while you can't go back to what it was before and not suffer damage to the friendship. However, if the sex starts up when the friendship is new, you can indeed stop having sex and things don't necessarily get strange. I'm interested to hear other people's opinions on this.