Friday, February 27

I got locked out of my house yesterday. Of course, I was on my way to meet someone and had no way of getting in touch to say I was going to be late. The bf finally came home and let me into the house, so I only lost 15 minutes. And then I got lost on the way, due to some faulty directions my date gave me. But since I'd driven so far I was determined to find him. And I'm so very glad I did. He was an absolute hunk. Cute as cute can be. And so NICE. We were having a glass of wine or two and getting aquainted, and he blurted out, "I feel like I've known you for years!" with this huge smile on his face. He told me afterwards that he hasn't come twice during sex in three years. I was really pleased to have been able to make that happen. I just grinned at him like a Cheshire cat.

Just got an instant message from the other gentleman I saw earlier in the day yesterday, telling me what a good time he had with me. I had a really good time with him as well, so it's certainly nice to hear. He gave me a Mineola orange on my way out the door, and giggled a lot before, during and after.

Thursday, February 26

Yet another totally attractive date today. I'm really beginning to doubt the theory that only those who can't attract pussy for free pay for it. This guy was absolutely charming, adorable and all around ridiculously fun. I was actually disappointed when the hour was up and he had to go back to work and I had to go home. I'd see him again in a flash. Hell, I'd see him for free.

Had one of my girl friends over for dinner this evening. She's married with a goofy husband and two little kids. She hates her job, too. I really don't have any envy for her Married With Children Lifestyle. She's miserable. She's living the American Dream and feeling instead like it's a long boring nightmare.

Tuesday, February 24

Didn't do anything naughty this weekend, due to lack of planning. Caught up on a lot of sleep, went grocery shopping, did some cooking...watched some bad movies. I'm so pleased I signed up for Netflix again. I went thru James Beradinelli's list of Top 100 movies of all time and added the one's I haven't seen to my Netflix Queue. The bf is in for a surprise when all these movies with subtitles come pouring in. Fortunately at this point I have him trained not to turn his nose up instantly.

Had an effortlessly planned quick 'date' today in a local motel. The gentleman was literally gorgeous. Adonis-like, and nice to boot. I should have paid him! Ha. Got home, and immediately heard from a boy I've been trying to set something up with for a month. Invited me over to his apartment for a smoke and a quick bj. I had a highly amusing time, and left with $25 more dollars than I orginally quoted him. He was a talker and a great kisser. I told him I'd see him again just to hang out, if he ever felt like it. I rushed home so I could be here when the bf arrived from work, and so we could go and visit his mum in the hospital.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm supposed to call this hottie I've been emailing for a week to get directions to his place. I hope it works out, but for some reason, probably since I'm actually looking forward to meeting him---it probably won't. That seems to be the theme of how these things work.

Saturday, February 21

Wednesday I was blown off by a man I'd corresponded with for weeks. That's one of the real irritating things about doing this independently. You spend all sorts of time marketing--creating enticing ads, responding and trying to weed out the creeps, making appointments--and then when they fall through at the last minute, cursing because you could have scheduled some other actual willing person who wasn't just wasting your time.

Speaking of wasting time, this past week has been rife with that. I wonder if it has anything to do with the way the planets are aligned. On Thursday I traveled 40 minutes to spend time with a guy who seemed nice enough, but who claimed in the middle of his session that he had no idea I was charging for my visit. I think he had to be lying. I'm very clear in my email correspondence that I'm not a free casual encounter. It was pretty darn uncomfortable. He gave me 100 bucks and I made a hasty exit. Got blown off yet again on Friday, by a guy who was supposed to give me the details of where to show up in the morning, but just dropped off the face of the earth. More time wasted.

I did have a nice appointment in a hotel with a very handsome married Greek, though. Smelled lovely, looked great, and was very easy to manage. I'd see him again in a flash.

Monday, February 16

My boyfriend (with whom I have an 'open relationship) went away for last night, so I had an unprecedented opportunity to do some "night work." I posted an ad in the morning, and by noon had received the usual gazillion responses. This ad was very non-specific about me and what I'd be available for, so the responses were particularly strange. One man wanted me to show up at his shoe store after hours wearing nothing underneath my long coat and get fitted for shoes, another wished for a blow job in the public toilet in front of the city's library, and another wanted lingerie and toe sucking. I'm sure there's someone out there that would be willing to comply with these requests, but it's not me.

I wound up chatting in IM with the sweetest 21 year old boy--a senior in college in the city. He was smart, polite, and absolutely adorable in his photos he sent me to preview. I felt very comfortable chatting with him, and so we made an appointment to get together late. I didn't realize I'd be visiting him in his dorm room! (The furniture in his room gave me deja vu from my own college years.)

We talked for a long time before anything happened. I told him before I even got there that I didn't want to be in any kind of rush, and so we'd just pretend I was only with him for an hour. He liked that idea, of course.

I really enjoyed his company. He was so sweet and it was a total pleasure for me. I almost told him to just keep his money, but alas, there are bills to pay.

Saturday, February 14

I went to see the cutest man today! He was an adorable teddy bear of a guy. Just my type. When we talked, he mentioned he was kind of shy and wanted me to take the lead. Unfortunately, he almost came too quick while I was sucking his cock, and made me stop...and then lost his erection and couldn't get it back up again. Apparently he was hungover. He was very embarrassed and disappointed---and so was I because I actually did want to fuck him and make him feel like a million bucks. I felt really bad about the whole thing, and told him I'd come back sometime and give him a freebie. :)

He said he'd be in touch again, but somehow I doubt he really will. I think he just said that because he didn't know what else to say. Poor guy. :(

Friday, February 13

Had my first somewhat icky experience this morning.

Had an appointment with a man today. He insisted that it be early. I'm not a morning person by any stretch, but I decided it would be ok this time. So I arrived at his place at 8:45 am. Big messy house--evidence of kids everywhere, but that's ok. What wasn't ok was that when scheduling the appointment I'd asked for some coffee upon my arrival, so we could sit and chat and get to know each other a little bit before the 'event.' However, when I got there he informed me that he'd forgotten to get my coffee and tried to kiss me before I'd even taken my coat off. Jeez Louise. It seemed as if he also forgot to use deodorant that morning, because his pits were ripe. My god. I was not even the slightest bit turned on, and very relieved when it only took him about a minute of fucking me to come. He was disappointed, and I didn't care. I just wanted this relatively harmless but unpleasant for me hour to end. Fortunately he didn't say anything when I didn't attempt to fill out the hour with anything else besides chit chat, and finally, after 45 minutes, I was able to escape.

When I got home from this, I heard from my 'quick' client via email. He's totally no nonsense. Just likes a less than 2 minute blow job, pays me, and I'm out of there. And his office is only 7 minutes away, so the whole experience is well worth the hundred bucks it nets me. I have to wonder though, why he wouldn't just jerk off for a quick release? But it's his money, so I'm not going to ask him lest he not call me the next time he feels the need for some 'relief,' as he puts it.

Thursday, February 12

I'm finding that trying to make appointments too far in advance doesn't always work. For instance, I set aside today to see this particular gentleman after discussing it with him last week, and then I attempted this morning to confirm with him via email and he never got back to me. I probably could have seen someone else instead during the time, but missed out because of this cancellation.

I did wind up getting together with a very nice man I've been playing email tag with, however. We had some coffee and ended up taking a little ride in his car and parking outside a hotel. I was wary of the public nature of parking, but he was going to pay me twice my usual fee, so I decided to just try to be as quick about it as I could without seeming like I was being quick. He pointed out a van with some people in it that were getting busy. It was kind of funny actually. The woman looked at us as she drove away, with this big huge smile on her face like she knew what we were doing too. I bet she thought we were probably having some kind of affair, as she most likely was. I don't think she got handed big bucks for a blow job, though.

Wednesday, February 11

On Tuesday I met a very nice gentleman for coffee, whereupon we sized each other up a bit, made some idle chit chat, and then retired to a local motel for adult activities. He was short, funny, and Italian. We talked a lot about smokers being persecuted and ostracized, and golf. The sex itself was actually pretty good, and then the hour was up and he asked if he could see me again. Walked away with a 30% tip, even. I felt rather amused with myself on the drive home...I'm still rather amazed that I can get paid for doing something so fun.

Monday, February 9

Wow. My very first post as a blogger. How momentous a moment.

Here I intend to keep a diary for myself of what's going on in my life, so at some point I can look back and remember things I may forget that I probably shouldn't. I think it will be interesting to be able to see the evolution of my thought processes, mostly.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about an activity I began doing a bit over a month ago, and that's having sex with men for money. When a friend of my initially told me a few years ago that she'd done it one time to pay her rent, I recall being shocked. I could never ever do that, I thought, no matter how desperate for cash I was. Afterall, I thought, it's just wrong. How your perspective on right and wrong can change considerably when you actually think about vs. just accepting something as wrong because you've been told forever that it just 'is.'

And now it's late, and I've got heartburn and don't want to be sitting in front of this machine any longer. Note to self: purchase more Mylanta and don't eat cookies at midnight.