Wednesday, March 31

It's been a few days, I know.

I've had three appointments since I last wrote. All painless. Whee!

One was with a local shop owner who wanted a hot oil massage and a handjob. Easy as pie. He lit candles in his bedroom and heated up his oil in the microwave. He was just so delighted with the experience. It was kind of sweet. He mentioned my nails being great as I was lightly scratching his back. I said, "Yeah, and they're real too. I don't understand the whole fake nails thing. Actually, I don't understand fake anything." And as the words were leaving my lips, I noticed that the gentleman was wearing a toupee. I don't know how I didn't notice it before, but I didn't. Whoops. Fortunately he was all blissed out and didn't seem to notice my remark. He had a spare bottle of that massage oil which he wound up giving to me after I said I liked the way it smelled.

Another was a British academic. All he wanted to do was play with my boobs extensively and masturbate while I tickled his balls. Oh, and of course he wished to cum on my tits and of course I let him.

And the last was someone I didn't really want to see, but I'm glad I did. He was suggesting all kinds of activities to me via chat that I didn't want to participate in and I just wasn't looking forward to it, but decided to go anyway. He was surprisingly normal in person. Amusing, even. I said to him that I assumed this wasn't the first time he'd done this and he said that yes, he had experience with escorts. I asked him what his other experiences were like. He told me that they ranged from awful to today--and that I was an "exceptional GFE." Awww. Flattery will get you everywhere. It got me into the shower with him which I think was what netted me the 100% tip I received.

Does anyone know of a place online to purchase reasonably priced stockings? I'm going through them like mad and at $12 a pop....well, it's just freakin' expensive.

Saturday, March 27

Yesterday's client was a nervous attorney. He'd never hired an escort before, but was curious. Making the appointment with him was kind of an irritating process to begin with, since he had so many questions for me beforehand and I've found that if the potential client wants to go back and forth for weeks with emails, they usually wind up chickening out. Anyway, I frankly told him after about 47 emails that if he had any more questions, he should just ask me in person. He assured me he wasn't trying to waste my time, and made the apppointment.

We wound up having a fine time in bed. He was attractive and I was 'on' yesterday. You know when you're at peak peformance? I felt like that. He kept telling me, "Oh my god, I'm so hard," like he was surprised. He mentioned in one of the 47 aforementioned emails that he was concerned that since he'd only been with his wife he might not be able to get it up. It turned out not to be an issue at all.

Afterwards, he said, "I don't know if I'd do that again--although you were great." Then we talked about the guilties and regrets. He said he didn't regret the experience at all, but that now that his curiosity was satisfied he felt like he should probably not do it again. "I'm married. It's just not right."

Friday, March 26

Spent a little more time today with my fuck buddy X. I referred to him as a former fuck buddy in an earlier post, but considering I've seen him 3 times in the past week I suppose he's back to being a fuck buddy again.

X and I have a contentious relationship. We argue about everything. Well, I should say he argues about everything since he refuses to even entertain the idea that he might be wrong about something. He's totally arrogant. It drives me absolutely mad, but at the same time all the bickering back and forth is mostly entertaining. I can't say I know too many people that I relate to in this fashion. People just sort of naturally defer to me--making plans, the best way to do things, etc. etc. X doesn't. He'll ask my opinion or for some information about something and then tell me I'm wrong when I know I'm definitely not. I know he's just doing it to be difficult and get my goat. It works, too. But it also creates a lot of sexual tension as well.

X knows that when he's in front of me (he's got to convince me to see him first, and that usually takes a lot of doing on his part) and starts behaving dominantly sexual I don't resist. Well, sometimes I do, but it's just token resistance. All he has to do is touch me and this little switch flips in my brain and I'm his to do with as he wishes. Today he convinced me to give him head in his car. We were in a fairly public place and he knows how I feel about car sex---I'd rather not do it and risk getting arrested. So naturally he feels the need to push that limit. Anyway, I was wearing a skirt and thigh high stockings and he was finger fucking me as I was sucking his cock. At one point he sort of held my head down so his entire cock was in my mouth and told me not to move. It was all I could do not to choke on it, as he slid his fingers in and out of my pussy. I was moaning around his cock, and trying to lift my head up but not being allowed to. I was totally turned on and it briefly occurred to me that this is never something that happens with a client. I'm always in charge. I'd be upset if a client acted like this.

I feel like a toy when I'm with X. I think it's kind of ironic that I never feel like a toy when I'm with a client, considering that I'm supposed to be 'servicing' them. It's generally pleasant and sort of sweet, actually. I hardly ever feel like a 'dirty girl' when I'm with a client, but when I'm with X, I always do.


Thursday, March 25

Many folks have written to ask me what a typical appointment with a client is like. How does it work? What happens? How do you get from the initial contact to the sex?

Obviously I can speak only for how I do it, since I have no idea how it works with other escorts.

When a potential client answers one of my ads via email, if I find his response compelling enough, I'll send him more information about me. I have a standard reply which includes information such as my availability, physical description, hourly rate for companionship, and a couple of photos. I explain that since I want the experience to be fun for both of us, physical chemistry is important to me and therefore I need to see a photo of him as well before I'll consider meeting. This puts some potential clients off, but I don't really care. I'd rather lose that business than have to reject the man face to face later on.

Once it's been established that he'd like to see me and I'd be happy to see him, there is generally an email exchange or chat via IM to determine the when and where. I do not have appointments in my home, but I do make both hotel and house calls. I like to arrange to have a cup of coffee in a public place(since I meet during the day) so we can talk and make sure that we'd both comfortable and would like to go through with the experience. The talking is hardly ever about what is about to happen. It's usually about his job or my 'real job.' "Tell me about what you do," is a sure winner. Usually this part only takes 10 minutes or so and I don't include it in the "hour." Generally what happens is eventually there will be a silence and it's time for him to decide. I'll say, "So..." and smile with an inquisitive look on my face. That's worked every time.

I'll then follow the gentleman to his hotel or home. Men that have seen escorts before will then generally offer a beverage (even though we just had one). There's usually a couple more minutes of chit chat at this point. If he doesn't take the lead to get the ball rolling once we're in a private place, I've found that all it takes is for me to give him a kiss. If we're not in a bedroom and he's nervous and seems to need direction, I'll suggest we move somewhere comfortable.

It's at that point that I'll ask what he'd like. Some men just come right out and are very specific and others are will say something like "Well, whatever you want to do." (I find that kind of funny, since theoretically I'm providing the service.)

And then the fun really begins...

Wednesday, March 24

I seem to be attracting the younger set lately. For some strange reason, convenience store clerks and Starbucks boys really seem to like me.

The Brazilian kid behind the counter at the gas station I go to always has something amusing to say. He's absolutely yummy and comes complete with a sexy accent to boot. He asked me the other day what I do for a living, so I told him about my 'real job' and he asked if I have a business card. I told him I did, but not with me. Today he made eyes at me and said, "And you here again without your card!" Obviously he wants my phone number since I can't imagine he'd have any need for my real job's professional services. God, how fun it would be to teach him a few tricks!

And then later on my way home from seeing X (a non-sexual visit, mind you), I stopped into Starbucks. The 19-20 year old cutiepie who was making the coffees behind the counter says loudly over at me as I'm waiting in this rather long line, "I should know your name by now. What is it?" So I tell him, but he can't hear me over the din, so I have to go right up to the coffee making area to tell him. Then he says, "And I should know what you drink by now too." In response I ask, 'What's your favorite?" He tells me a Creme de Menthe Mocha, with an extra shot. 'You want it hot?" "Yes, I do." He exclaims loudly, "Laura wants it hot!" and then winks and smiles as laciviously as a boy can. So I'm standing there waiting patiently while he rushes around making coffees and glancing surreptitiously at me. The cash register person is just waiting on everyone else and not taking my money, so finally Coffee Boy asks me if I've been cashed out and I said no. So he points me over to the place where you wait for the drink and chats me up some more while he makes mine. "You'll tell me if you don't like it?" as he hands it over for FREE. I wink and tell him he can bet on it and give him a little wave and leave. Gotta love boys who flirt and pass out free four dollar coffees.

The accordian player was an odd duck indeed. He wasn't unpleasant, just definitely unusual. He was very interested in the whole 'professional' aspect of what I do, and wound up giving me a book called "Turning Pro" from his bookshelf. "You could make a LOT of money doing this," he said. I got the impression that he thought I'd never done this before him. I decided that perhaps that was part of the fantasy for him--the whole breaking in a 'new girl' thing--and I didn't want to burst his bubble so I just let him think what he wanted to think. He didn't want to kiss or fuck. Just massage and oral.

I watched this HBO on Demand special with my boyfriend called "Hookers and Pimps." It was basically about streetwalkers. Afterwards I was teasing him and asked him if he had any money. We negotiated--he started off by offering 15 cents! I ended up giving him a blowjob and letting him fuck me from behind on the couch for $5. Ha!

Saturday, March 20

Whew, a veritible plethora of responses to the ad I posted yesterday!

One interesting one was a man who wants to lick another man's cum out of my pussy while being told how disgusting that is. Hmmm, I think I'll have to decline.

Another from a man who wonders why I'd do this and wouldn't it just be safer to find someone who shares my desires for an ongoing relationship? Well, yes, it would be physically safer probably. But emotionally? I think not.

And another from a man who says I should avoid seeing anyone that would be willing to send me a picture, because they must be crazy. I responded and said it'd be crazier to see anyone who won't send a photo. I think it's kind of ridiculous that some men are willing to entrust me with their naked bodies, but not with their photo.

Besides the terrific guy I saw yesterday, I think the best one was from an accordian player. He's cute and funny. Funny goes a long way! Hopefully we'll be able to get together some morning this week. Musicians turn me on. They have the manual dexterity thing down pat.

Friday, March 19

Just got back from a delightful afternoon with a new client. I was suspicious when in his email he told me he was a part time male model, but he was cute in his photos and seemed intelligent and polite, so off I went.

Talk about perfectly handsome and fit. Oh my. Excellent conversationalist, too. I just spent the afternoon with 'the total package.' One of the things I liked about him was that he absolutely adored my tits and actually paid attention to the fact that the harder he sucked and bit and pinched my nipples, the more excited I got. I love that stuff and far too many clients are just timid about it. I suppose I could inform them that they can just go to town if they want, but I'm sort of hesitant because they're the ones that are paying for a good time, and I just feel like I should let them do what pleases them, rather than instructing them about what gets me going. However, if they ask, I'll certainly tell them. :)

After a skilled pussy licking and then a blowjob, culminating in some titty fucking and a 'pearl necklace,' I told him I wasn't done with that yet--indicating his very pretty cock--and told him I wanted to fuck. Good idea, he said. We talked for a while, and then I got him hard again and he fucked me like a champ and I came like gangbusters. He was surprised about getting hard again because he said he hadn't gone twice since college. WHAT? He was 37! Some women out there just aren't doing their best, evidently, since this isn't the first time I've heard that.

And now I feel lovely and relaxed, and looking forward to the weekend!

Thursday, March 18

Looks like I'm going to actually purchase some hosting. Apparently the free server where I'm storing the image files for this site has a pretty meager allowance, and if you're not seeing any background images I've used up my daily allowance. It's only 11 in the morning and no pretty pictures for the rest of today. Oh well.

I received an email yesterday from a gentleman who'd read my blog and had some questions/issues he said he'd like to see me address, and so I am going to do my best over the next couple of posts to do just that. Thanks, Bill!

One of the questions was concerning what it says about human nature that the purchasing of sex is so prevalent. While I've never sat down with a client and specifically asked the question, "So, why exactly did you decide to rent me today?" I have gathered from the conversations I've had with them that there seems to be a common thread or two.

One common thread is the men I've seen so far have been more often than not either married or involved in a long term relationship, rather than single. It isn't they're not getting sex at all, so they have to buy some in order to satisfy some basic need. Nope. Prior to doing this that is what I would have assumed. Renting a whore for an hour or two seems to be satisfying the need for variety in sex vs. the need for sex itself. From what I can tell, these men are happy in their relationships and prefer to not risk these relationships by having an affair to get some 'strange.' An affair might become an emotional entanglement, but they don't have to worry about that with a prostitute. They're paying to have a cut and dried experience. Sex and conversation. It's the ultimate easy no-strings attached situation.

I think also the purchase of sex is prevalent because most people fear rejection and a sure thing is a good thing. Why wine and dine a woman and wonder if she's going to give it up for you at the end of the date, when you can spend virtually the same amount of money (and much less time!) on a prostitute without all the pretense? You're definitely going to get your blow job, or get laid, or whatever it is you've negotiated. Some people might disagree, but most men pay for sex in one way or another--and hiring a call girl is just a more efficient way of doing it for some.

Wednesday, March 17

Welcome to all the new visitors that have been stopping by. It's excellent to know that all this typing isn't just a huge waste of my time.

Please be patient with the site design. I've been playing with it and one of these days I'll settle on something that actually looks good.

More on the "why I do this" topic:

I've been thinking, and I have to admit that a large part of it is an ego thing. It amazes me still that there are perfectly attractive, even dare I say--hot! men that are willing to fork out big bucks to play with me. I'm just an ordinary early 30something woman, not some supermodel. In a previous part of my life, I'd have been hesitant to even smile at some of these men, for fear that they wouldn't smile back, much less actually chat one up. And now I'm sitting around picking and choosing from a virtual plethora of 'applicants.' Who will I let pay me for my company next---when I feel like it, not because I have to. It's amusing to no end.

Tuesday, March 16

Everyone needs a day off now and again and I sure took one of those today.

Today I spent a couple of hours with X, a former fuck buddy of mine who possesses the very rare quality of being able to turn me into a quivering, shaking absolutely turned on mess. I haven't spent time with him for a couple of months, primarily due to the fact I can only handle his arrogant personality for small stretches. I'd decided I wasn't going to see him anymore even though the sex is absolutely thrilling for me and he's capable of turning me on like only a few men ever have. He's been very persistant in trying to get me to come over again though and I've been equally resistant, but then today I decided I'd cave in to his demands because it's been a long time since my submissive side has been sated. When I'm with a client, they have been either always very gentle (or at the most athletic) lays and all have given me the impression that I'm in charge.

As it always had been, the sex was deliciously hot and nasty. Lots of hair pulling, ass slapping, dirty talk, biting, and extremely skillful fucking. One of the things about fucking X that had both excited the hell out of me and deterred me at the same time is his propensity to leave me covered in sex marks---bruises on my tits and arms and neck and thighs from his mouth and his fingers were a given. I used to love it when it was happening but also when I'd move a certain way afterwards and feel a tiny tinge of pain. It was a sexy reminder of what we'd do. But at the same time, I can't exactly be conducting 'business' looking like an abuse victim, and my bf would not have been appreciative of the marks, either. (He can't deal with the idea of anyone hurting me, even if I do actually like it.) So being marked up would create problems because I'd have to go out of my way to not be naked in front of anyone until the marks went away.

X was actually careful to not mark me today, though. I'm not sure why. I didn't ask him not to or anything. I think perhaps he thought that my usual damaged condition after seeing him was one of the reasons I haven't seen him in months. Or maybe not. Anyway, a funny thing happened today. As he was fucking me, I noticed that right where my fingertips were clutching his biceps, there were the remains of some bruises. I breathlessly pointed them out, "Oh...what are these, hmm?" and he just smirked and continued pounding away at me while looking me intently in the eye. I informed him that thus far he hadn't seen my sadistic side, and then proceeded to dig my nails directly into his fading bruises. After a minute he groaned about it hurting, and I smirked right back at him and said, 'It sure does, doesn't it?"

I left X looking rather worse for the wear. Dark bruises on both his upper arms, and a couple on his shoulders. Ha. I told him after we were through that perhaps he'd quit pestering me to come over for a couple of weeks now. But somehow I don't think that little turn of the tables is going to work.

I'm happy to say that my endorphin high lasted throughout the entire drive homeand my late afternoon nap was fantastic. I guess there is some use in the world for cocky and arrogant bastards.

My calendar is clear for the rest of the week as far as whoring is concerned. I haven't placed an ad in weeks and don't have any new prospects in the works. Better write a new ad today, methinks.

There are a number of men that seem to get off writing and chatting with me whenever they see me online. I've been leaving myself in invisible mode more often than not, however, since it's becoming clear to me that if they do not schedule an actual appointment within a short time of our initial contact, their interest does not actually lie in ever getting together with me. They just want to be titillated at the idea of being with a 'nice normal regular girl' who happens to get paid for her company, too. They just want free live interactive fantasy, basically.

I was thinking yesterday about how when I first started doing this, I'd have butterflies while getting ready for my 'date' and I'd be nervous about whether or not I'd be well received when I arrived or if there's something I forgot to do before running out of the house. Would he like me? Would he be disappointed with my looks or personality? Could I carry this off? I barely even think about that stuff now. I just go through what has become a routine for getting ready for an appointment. Lay out outfit and lingerie. Shower with Dove soap and shampoo that smells yummy. Shave legs, armpits and pussy (I wish I could work up the courage to wax!) and exfoliate skin, apply Nivea Q10 lotion all over, get dressed, dry hair and put on makeup. Check manicure and pedicure. Make sure I have directions and the date's phone number in case I get lost. Check purse to make sure I've got enough condoms and mints or breath spray. Tada, I'm done and I'm off.

I'm going to compose a new ad now. Those years working in marketing have paid off, since my ads always net numerous replies that I carefully weed through and have been able to turn into new clients. My angle has so far been basically what's known in the trade as a 'girlfriend experience.' Apparently a girlfriend experience includes kissing and generally more affectionate treatment than an ordinary experience with a whore. I position myself as a sexy, smart, funny, 'normal' woman with a dirty mind, who isn't a seasoned professional (which I suppose I am really not, yet) and so far it's worked like a charm. Many of the men that answer my ad tell me they did so because I don't sound like all of the other girls that are advertising and they felt compelled to get in touch. (And maybe they say that to all the girls they try to hire. Who knows?) Perhaps eventually I won't have to advertise anymore and will have a bevy of regulars to fill up my schedule.

Monday, March 15

I was planning to take today off from my actual real job (the one I do in my home office, that is) and start my spring cleaning, but when I finally got out of bed I found an email from Mr. Minute Blow Job, wondering if I could come and see him right away, and then right after another email came in from Big Tipping & Sweet Sicilian wondering if I was available after lunch. Needless to say, spring cleaning did not commence today.

I think it's great that the last four appointments I have had have all been with men I've seen before. It's so much more comfortable and relaxed that way, that's for sure. It also makes me feel good---like it's a testament to my skillz. Heh!

I need some suggestions for music to listen to on my way to my appointments. Sublime and the Red Hot Chili Peppers make me feel sexy for some reason, but I need something fresh. Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know what specific music makes you hot and bothered.

Oh, and yesterday Mr. Loganberry Jam actually DID fuck me 4 times, once again. He's got great soft skin, and I told him that. I was surprised when he told me I said that last time too, and then recounted that whole part of our prior conversation about his nice skin. Word for word. I guess he was paying attention! He told me when I was leaving that he'd met someone and had a second date with her scheduled. I'm thinking he hired me again so he can go out with this chick and not seem too overeager to get into her pants.

Sunday, March 14

This is a repeat customer weekend. Yesterday afternoon I went to see once again the gentleman referenced on March 5, with the incredibly well-apppointed and luxurious 5 story condo. He was much more relaxed this time, thank goodness. We took our clothes off and got in bed, and indicating my breasts, he asked, "What do these like?" (as if they were separate entities with their own wishes.) The other amusing thing was after he played with my boobs for a while, I asked him what he would like, and he said, "Make me scream. Make me scream "Mother." I just looked at him and laughed and said, "Now, I think that would be kind of weird!" I ended up sucking on his cock like a champ again. It took forever! And again, hardly any reaction the entire time from him, until the end. That's when he reported it was the best he'd ever had. He said after that, "God, I don't know what to say." I said, "You don't have to say anything." He said he was kind of embarassed that it was the best he'd had, to which I informed him that if it makes him feel any better, I get that from most everyone who's cock ends up in my mouth so he's in good company.

I have a noon time visit with Mr. Loganberry Jam today. I let him fuck me FOUR times the last time. I hope he's not too disappointed when I inform him that I have a bit of a stiff neck so four times is a bit out of the question for today. I must have slept funny on Thursday night because my neck has been bothering me since Friday morning. I'm actually looking forward to seeing him again because he's a nice guy and I enjoyed his company.

Saturday, March 13

I absolutely love The Webwhore Manifesto. One of my favorite parts is:

6. Women should NOT be villified and disrespected for capitalizing on human sexuality.
People should pay women for sex work with the same respect and appreciation one would expect to pay ministers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, therapists, etc. Furthermore, one cannot assume a whore's primary motivation for doing her "job" is monetary any more than one could assume a doctor's primary motivation for healing patients is solely for money. Just as there are good doctors and bad doctors, there are good whores and bad whores. . . anybody who does their job just for the paycheck without any joy or emotion is doing a poor job. Having said that, anybody who thinks someone should do a job for him pro bono just because the service-provider LIKES her/his job is an asshole. Would you walk into a psychiatrist's office and say "hey! You like helping people don't you?? I can't pay you but how about if I plop down on your couch and talk your ear off for an hour?"

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Thursday, March 11

I'm having fun trying to gorgeous up this blog. I still have to make a bunch of changes, and do things like add links to the blogs I read and appreciate, but so far so good, and I'm pleased.

Nothing really new on the whoring front. My car has been acting up this week, so I've been hesitant to make any appointments until it's fixed. The last thing I need is to have a wheel go flying off and wind up getting stranded, or worse, killed.

Last night I ran down to Barnes and Noble for a book fix, since I've read everything in the house. I was a mess. Threw my unwashed hair up, didn't bother to put on any face paint--just hopped in my creaky car and left. And wouldn't you know it...I ran into some girls I used to waitress with. Egad. I was mortified. I know they're of course going to run back into the restaurant and tell everyone they saw me and how absolutely horrible I looked, since that is just how some chicks are. I know I shouldn't care, really, but I do.

I've been thinking about what to say when my clients inevitably ask me "So, why do you do this?" I need to come up with some snappy but sufficient response, because it's not something I really want to discuss at great length with them. Most of them don't want to hear that I'm doing it for the money, which is only partly true anyway. If I tell them I do it because I really enjoy no strings sex, then I fear they'll argue with me about why should they have to pay for it then? This topic needs much further explanation, and perhaps writing about it will allow me to sort it out a bit better in my mind. More on it later, I suppose.

Wednesday, March 10

Had lunch with a charming Englishman on Monday. Tall, thin, attractive, great accent. I followed him back to his place and spent a couple hours in bed with him. We discussed books and work and so on. He was very sweet. "Oh that feels so lovely" sounds fabulous in a british accent, I must say. It made me want to keep doing what I was doing so he'd say it again. At the end of our time together, he actually said, "Since you had a good time too, how about if I pay you half?" And I said, "No, how about you pay me what we originally discussed," with a smile. He looked a little bashful and paid up. I think he'll probably call me again when he can afford it.

Yesterday I met a guy I found kind of annoying. He kept asking me if I found him attractive and if I was enjoying myself and although he was not unattractive, I wasn't bowled over by his looks. I just wanted him to shut the hell up. I like dirty talk just as much as the next girl, but redundancy is just irritating.

Friday, March 5

I watched the film Belle du Jour this evening. I wish I could say I really enjoyed it or even identified with the main character, but alas, it was kind of a bore. She didn't really seem to enjoy her work.

Had an appointment today at a local motel. I met the guy at coffee shop next door, and when he told me he was nervous about renting the room and asked would I do it if he gave me the money, I just smiled and said, "No." He didn't argue with me or anything, just said, "Ok," and walked off to do it himself. I found that kind of amusing. He was kind of different. I couldn't really tell if he enjoyed himself or not. Perhaps his sheer nervousness about the whole thing made him come off as ambivalent.

I saw a rather unusual older man in his luxurious 5 story condo downtown yesterday. When I arrived, he immediately ushered me up all these flights of stairs, past impeccably decorated rooms into this gorgeous bedroom, replete with a bed with more pillows on it than any man or woman should ever possess. "What should I do? Should I take off my clothes?" he asks. So I said, "Sure." And so he did--down to his actual tighty whities, and I removed a bunch of mine, but left on my lingerie. Then he proceeded to lie face down on the bed, with a very stiff posture. He didn't look particularly comfortable. I figured perhaps he wanted a back rub, so I tried to do that for a couple of minutes but that's not really my specialty, so I asked him if he'd like to roll over. So he did, and I gave him a blow job--and it took several minutes of blowing for him to actually get hard. He didn't really look at me, just lay there with this kind of scrunched expression on his face. Finally he asks me if I'll take off my bra, and then he proceeded to kind of pinch one of my nipples while I finished up with the head. After he came, we talked about his job, and traveling. He loosened up finally, thank goodness. Before I left, he asked me if he could contact me again. I had an email waiting when I came home. He told me I was extremely nice and it was a pleasure to have had me in his home. And today another one from him wanting to reserve two hours of my time tomorrow. Go figure!

Wednesday, March 3

It's been a slow week for whoring. I spent some time yesterday afternoon with a friend of mine, purely for physical gratification. That boy has a tongue on him that's absolute magic. I wish he were a little more aggressive, however. Then he'd be perfect. Unfortunately he spends too much time coyly asking me what I think we should do, vs. just going ahead and doing it.

Monday, March 1

I thought receiving the gift of a mineola was odd the other day, but yesterday I was given Loganberry Preserves by a man I'd spent the afternoon with. Yes, preserves! I think it was kind of a big deal that he'd given them to me, since he had to go all the way to Seattle to get it. It's odd the things you talk about when you're lying naked with a stranger.

I'm surprised at how busy I've been with this. I wasn't expecting to be seeing men almost daily. I thought it would just be a now and again thing, to help make ends meet. A fun way to make ends meet. But the money is so easy, and for the most part I've met only nice guys that I actually enjoyed spending time with.

I find it interesting how much some of the men I've met like to talk. Sometimes I think they've hired me just as much for having someone to listen to their stories, as a warm willing body to fuck.